Ahmednagar Jilha Maratha Vidya Prasark Samaj's


Tal:-Shevgaon Dist:-Ahmednagar(M.S) Pin:-414502
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University
NAAC 'A' Grade

About the Department


  1. Name of the Department : Botany  
  2. Year of Establishment T.Y.Botany : 2007


  1. Names of   Programmes / Courses offered  

        UG : T.Y.BSc. Botany

        PG: Not applicable 

  1. Names of courses and the departments/units involved:

Skill Based One Year Diploma Course in Polyhouse Technology and Management

  1. Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise)                                                  

UG: F.Y.B.Sc. and S.Y. B.Sc Choice based credit                    

system & T.Y.BSc. Semester system 

  1. Number of teaching posts: 05.
  2. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization, 

(D.Sc. /D.Litt. /Ph.D. / M. Phil. etc,)



Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience

In Year’s

Dr.Bhalshankar C.K. M.Sc.B.Ed. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Botany 

(Plant Physiology)

Miss.Vyavhare A.K. M.Sc. Assistant Professor Botany

(Advanced Seed Technology ) 

Miss. Mandan A.R. M.Sc. Assistant Professor Botany 


Mr. Gaikwad A.S. M.Sc. Assistant Professor Botany 

(Advanced Seed Technology ) 

Mr. Shinde S.S. M.Sc.  Assistant Professor Botany 

(Advanced Angiosperms ) 


Details of Infrastructural facilities 

  1. a)  Library 

  Fully automized, well furnished and prosperous central library is available in college. It has near about 4000 botany reference books and text books as well 8 journals related to subject available in library. Scholar card provides to the meritorious students. Teachers of the department also provide books to the moderate and ordinary students by issuing on their own account. College provided E-library facility to the teachers. Teachers also have account on N-list web side. 

  1. b)   Internet facilities for Staff & Students:- 

Internet facilities available for staff and students. Students have computer and internet related practical included in their syllabus. Department provides internet facility to the students for their access.

  1. c) Laboratories- Well equipped laboratories are available for the graduation students. Research projects also carried out by faculty of the department, so the instruments related to research facility also available in Departmental Laboratory.


About the Botanical Garden

The New Art’s, Commerce and Science College is established to provide knowledge & educational facilities to the students of rural and urban areas. Since opening of the college our staff is dedicated to motivate the people of this area to increase their agricultural knowledge and social upliftments.

Our college has a special botanical garden for senior college students & a special horticulture department under vocational courses. It provides special techniques and Knowledge to the students for employment and self employment. It plays a very important role in academic and socio-economical progress. The college Botanical Garden was established according to needs of students’ academicians, environmental studies and society from June 1982. Since, 1982 we are continuously planting phytogeographic, endemic, medicinal and rare plants. So today we have collection of number of plants in our garden.

Other than this we are propagating various seedlings and distributing them in various schools, colleges, social and Govt. organization for social forestry. For achieving the aims and objectives of botanical garden we are conducting environmental awareness programme, tree plantation, plant relies and delivered lectures for rural society. The Botanic garden was systematically planned in the presence of principal & Botany staff. Botanical garden present in front of main building. Various plant species are planned to increase aesthetic sense. It also increases beauty of college campus. Botanical garden has separate sectors for ornamental, Seasonal, Medicinal & Cactus plants. As well as for horticulture practices different sectors & borders are reserved.

Our future plan is to establish Cactus Polyhouse, sectors to grow rare, endemic, endangered threatened plants. As well as surrounding area of indoor stadium is reserved for ornamental and economically important plants.

The Total area of college campus is measured about 1.508 hectare out of which botanical garden occupies 0.8483 hectare.



   Acacia nilotica (L)WilldexDd Mimosaceae

Adansonia digitata L Bombacaceae

Albizzia lebbeck Benth Caesalpinaceae

Annona squamosa Linn Annonaceae 

 Azadirachta indica A.Juss Meliaceae

Bamboosa nana Poaceae

Bouhinia variegata L Fabaceae

Caesalpinia  pulcherrima (L)Swatrz           Caesalpinaceae

Cassia siamea Lam                                   Caesalpinaceae

Casuarina equisetifolia L                         Casuarinaceae

Cassia auriculata L                                Caesalpinaceae

Cocos nucifera L.                                    Palmaceae

Delonex regia (Boj ex Hook) Roj              Caesalpinaceae

Derris indica Bennet  Leguminosae

Emblica officinalis Gaertner Euphorbiaceae

 Erythrina indica Lam Fabaceae

  Eucalyptus globosus Lab                Myrtaceae

Ficus religiosa                                   Moraceae

Hevea brasilaensis Willd. ex A. Juss           Euphorbiaceae

Jacaranda mimosifolia D.Don             Bignoniaceae

Leucaena glauca Benth                                Leguminosae                      

Leucana lucocifolia Lam                      Leguminosae                  

Mangifera indica L           Anacardiaceae

Manilkara sapota (Linn) var Royen             Sapotaceae

Milligtonia hortensis L                                  Bignoniaceae

  Peltophorum pterocarpum DC.)K. Heyne   Fabaceae

  Polyalthia longifolia Sonn           Annonaceae

 Prosopis  juliflora (Sw.) Willd            Mimoseae

Psidium guajava o.Berge             Myrtaceae

Roystionia resia O.F.Cook[1]                                      Arecaceae

Saraca asoca (Roxb.) Wilde           Fabaceae (Caesalpiniaceae)

Sterculia foetida L.         Sterculiaceae

Tabeuia argentea(Silva Manso)Benth.& Hook.f. ex S.Moore    Bignoniaceae

Tamarindis indica L         Fabaceae (Caesalpiniaceae)

Tectona grandis                    Lamiaceae

Thevetia peruviana                        Apocynaceae


          Adathoda vasica Ness                                 Acanthaceae

         Araucaria cookki.                                      Araucareaceae

             Asparagus racemosus  Willd                        Liliaceae

 Barleria prionitis                                        Acanthaceae

   Callistemon lanceolatus (Syn)Sweet    Myrtaceae

         Canna indica  L .                                        Cannaceae

Catharanthus roseus                                   Apocynaceae

Cesalpinia banduc                                      Caesalpiniaceae

Cestrum nocturnum L.                                Solanaceae                                                

              Chrysanthemum indicum                             Asteraceae

  Euphorbia pulcherima                                Euphorbiaceae

  Gliricidia sepium Jacq.kunth ex walp          Fabaceae

              Helianthus annuus L                  Asteraceae              

        Hibiscus rosasinensis Linn          Malvaceae

  Jasminium sambac                                        Oleaceae

  Lantana aculeate                                         Verbenaceae

              Plumeria acutifolia                                      Apocynaceae

              Punica granatum Linn                                 Lythraceae                                              

              Rosa conina                                                 Rosaceae                                    

              Rosa damesina Rosaceae                     

              Rosa moltiflora Rosaceae                     

              Tabernaemontana citrifolia  Apocynaceae

              Tagetes erecta                                Asteraceae

              Tagetes patula             Asteraceae


  Clerodedron splendens                                         Verbinaceae 

  Clitoria ternetia Leguminosae

 Ficus pumila                       Moraceae         

 Ipomea cairica                                                       Convolvulaceae

 Ipomea quclits                                                       Convolvulaceae

 Passiflora caerulea                                               Passifloraceae

 Quisqualis indica L.                                               Combretaceae                                    


 Bouganvellia spectabilis Willd.                             Nyctaginaceae

 Cryptostegia grandiflora R. Br.                                 Periplocaceae     


Agave americana  L.                                              Agavaceae

Aloe indica Linn                                                           Liliaceae

 Opuntia elatima                                                             Cactaceae


Areca catechue Linn   Palmaceae

Cocus nucifera Linn    Palmaceae

Royal palm          Palmaceae


   Acalypha wilkensiana Linn.                Euphorbiaceae

  Aloe vera Linn.                                          Liliaceae

  Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.          Nyctaginaceae

              Catharanthus roseus                   Apocynaceae

              Croton variegatum Linn.           Euphorbiaceae

              Croton tigliumLinn.                    Euphorbiaceae

Duranta plumeri Jacq.                               Verbanaceae

    Euphorbia trigona                                   Euphorbiaceae

    Ixora coccinea Linn.                                Rubiaceae

              Ficus bengalensis Linn.                 Moraceae

              Ficus benjamina  Linn.                  Moraceae

              Ficus elastica  Linn.                         Moraceae

              Hibiscus rosasinensis Linn.          Malvaceae

             Ipomea palmata Forssk.               Convolvulaceae    

            Lantana indica Rocks.                    Verbenaceae

            Mimosa pudica Linn.                      Mimosaceae

            Nerium indicum Mill.                     Apocynaceae

             Ocimum sanctum Linn.                 Labiatae

             Polyanthes tuberose                       Amaryllidiaceae

            Rhoeo spathacea                               Commelinaceae


             Araucaria brassiliana             Araucariaceae

             Cycus revoluta                           Cycadaceae

             Thuja orientalis                        Pinaceae

             Zamia sp.                                    Zamiaceae

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