Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology
1. About the Department: Department of Zoology is established in June 1982. Subject Zoology is taught at F.Y.B.Sc. & S.Y.B.Sc. subsidiary level.

Courses offered:
Class          Name of course                                                           Intake
F.Y.B.Sc. UGC Career Oriented Course in Vermicomposting - 40
F.Y.B.Sc. UGC NSQF Career Oriented Course in Aquaculture - 50
F.Y.B.Sc. Certificate course in Public Health and Hygiene - 20



Dr. Kasar Raosaheb Krishnaji

Designation: Associate Professor


Dr .Kurhade Sudhakar Murlidhar

Designation: Professor

Mr. Bhosle Panjabrao Kalyanrao

Designation: Assistant Professor


Mr. Mahadik Nitin Jagnnathx`

Designation: Assistant Professor

Miss.Sarda Amruta Nandkishor

Designation: Assistant Professor


1. Achievements:
1. Dr. S.M.Kurhade is nominated as member of Board of studies in Zoology.
2. Govt. of Maharashtra has appointed Dr. S.M.Kurhade as Wild Life Warden for Ahmednagar District.
3. Dr. S.M.Kurhade is member of F.Y.B.Sc. syllabus framing committee.

2. Activities:
1. Zoology students have made collection of Molluscan shells from nearby water bodies.
2. Zoology students have prepared few models required for Zoology practicals.
3. Zoology students have made collection of animal related articles/news published in leading newspapers.
4. Zoology students have participated and won first prize in the Rangoli competition and Second prize in the poster presentation competition held on the occasion of Centenary Celebration of the Institution.

3. Department faculties:
1. Dr.R.K. Kasar
2. Dr.S.M. Kurhade, Professor
3. Shri. P.K.Bhosale
4. Miss. A.N.Sarda
5. Shri.N.J. Mahadik

4. Research area:
1. Dr. R.K. Kasar - SEntomology
2. Dr. S.M. Kurhade - Ornithology