Minor Research Projects

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Project Title Sanctioned Amount

(in Rs.)


Shri. D.M. Lokhande Ahmednagar Zilha Krida Parishad ayojit antarshaley krida spardha madhil shalancha vidhyarthi va vidhyarthinicha sahabhagacha abhyas 80,000/-


Shri. C. N. Potangale “Quantification by NMR Internal standard method with HPLC method development and validation for the purity determination of some commonly used drugs which are available in the market” 1,80,000/-


Shri. K. D. Kamble Geography, Demography, Resources and Development in irrigated area: Acase study of Shrirampur tahasil, Dist.-Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) 1,50,000/-


Shri. P. Y. Thombare Geographical study of drought prone area in Parner tahasil, Dist. Ahmednagar 1,10,000/-


Shri. Y. B. Rokade Study of Graph Eigenvalues 1,30,000/-


Shri. R.G. Vaidya Trible Culture in Indian English Fiction 1,80,000/-