1. Science Association

            Science association has been in existence in the college since 1986. As a factor of the  society every student of science always try to guide persons who are not concerned with the knowledge of science . ‘Science for common man’ is the mission of this association.


1.Science Association.jpg


Aims and objectives –

  • To generate scientific attitude among students.
  • To keep the students in touch with latest scientific knowledge.
  • To understand working of common instruments.
  • To create  awareness among students for eradication of superstition.



  • Exhibition
  • Science Quiz
  • Lectures of eminent personalities.
  • Competitive examinations
  • Celebration of National Science Day.

2. Nature Club –

             A large shallow water reservoir ‘Jayakwadi Dam’ located at Jayakwadi, Tal- Paithan, Dist- Aurangabad is about 10-15 kms away from Shevgaon. Backwater of this project has occupied some area of Shevgaon Tahasil. Government of Maharashtra has announced this area as ‘Bird Sanctuary’. Ornithologists from different areas arrange excursions to this place. Nature club arranges field tours for bird watching.

2 Nature Club.jpg 


Aims and objectives-

  • To develop man-nature relationship
  • To create awareness among students, youths about the nature and conservation of nature.
  • To train the college students in bird identification and bird survey.
  • To study the avian fauna of Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary.

3. Commerce Association

            Students from businessmen’s family generally seek admissions in Commerce stream. Now a days there is great expansion of network of nationalize banks, co-operative banks, credit society, insurance corporations, management institutes. Knowledge gained through books is insufficient to develop diplomacy in students in the fields of banking, business, share market and  taxation. Commerce association takes efforts to provide guidance from experts.

3.Commerce Association.jpg

Aim and objectives:

  • To make the students aware of the different activities in various fields.
  • To create the awareness among the students in field of consumer protection.
  • To develop entrepreneurship among the students.
  • To increase the knowledge in share marketing and  mercantile laws.



  • Guest lectures of renowned persons from different fields like  banking, marketing, industry, share marketing, insurance and tax consultancy field.
  • Preparation of projects
  • Visit to management institutes.

 4. Debate forum

            The Debate Forum has been in existence since the establishment of the college. This forum avails the platform to students for various debating competitions upto the state level. Students are guided to present their views on political, social, national and  international issues.   


4.Debate Forum.JPG


 Aims and objectives:

  • To enhance reading and writing skills on present issues among students
  • To create their own opinions with respect to the present issues.
  • To express their opinions.
  • To emboss their opinions on the mind of audience.
  • To develop the leadership among the students.


5. Cultural Association-

            ‘All round development of student’ is the mission of Cultural Association. Through  different non curricular activities a stage is made available to the students to develop themselves into good citizens.


5 Cultural Association.jpg


 Aims and Objectives:

  • To create stage daring among the students.
  • To increase the capacity of students to  write and read independently
  • To develop qualities like versatility, analytical and logical thinking, sensibility.
  • Conservation of old cultural programmes.



  • Stage (full play) performances
  • One act plays
  • Poetry writing
  • Poetry recitation
  • Music
  • Story telling
  • Workshop camp for drama
  • Dancing
  • Rangoli exhibitions
  • Fashion competitions
  • Annual Social Gathering

6. Environmental Awareness Campaign 

            In association with the Ministry of Forest and Environment, New Delhi and Bio Agro Industries foundation, Pune, Environment Awareness Campaign is implemented in Shevgaon Tahasil, since the academic year 1993-1994.

6. Environmental Awarenes Compaign.jpg


  Aims and objectives –

  • To create awareness about the balance of nature.
  • Plantation and protection of trees.
  • To keep water resources clean.
  • Solid waste management.
  • Implementation of organic farming.
  • Proper disposal of sewage.
  • To minimize the pollution in agriculture.
  • To control the water pollution and air pollution.
  • To avoid excess use of fertilizers, pesticides by farmers.
  • To provide the knowledge regarding the medicinal plants.
  • Reclamation of saline and alkaline land.
  • Motivation of the students, youths, women, farmers and social workers to participate in environment awareness.

Programmes and Activities

  • Lectures.
  • Public meetings.
  • Seminars.
  • Foot march.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Poster competitions.
  • Essay writing.
  • Wall painting.
  • Slogan competitions.

7. Excursion Association

            Excursion Association has been in existence since from the begging of college. Excursions are organized for visits to the geographical, historical, industrial and religious places. Excursion are also arranged for plants and animals collection. Study tours are compulsory in most of the syllabi.


7.excursion Association.jpg


Aims and objectives-

  • To develop interest in tourism.
  • To create the awareness in protection of nature.
  • To develop the knowledge of various regions.
  • To develop knowledge of plants, animals and weather.
  • To develop knowledge in industrial and management fields.

8. Alumni Association  

            Alumni Association was established in the college on 13th April 2002. Dr. Purushottam Bhapkar, our past student and Commissioner,Aurangabad Municipal Corporation is the Chairperson of this association. Healthy interaction between the past and the present students is aim of this association.

Aim and objectives :

  • Public relations and publicity.
  • Feed back reactions.
  • Healthy interactions between students-teachers-parents.
  • Academic progress of students.
  • All round development of students.
  • Help for economically poor students.


9. Parent-Teacher Association –

            Parent-Teacher Association has been in existance in the college since the  academic year 2001-2002. Shri Diliprao Lande Patil is the  Chairmen of this association. Friendly and healthy interactions between parents, students and teachers  for academic progress of student, is the main objective of this association. Meetings of association are conducted for suggestions and implementation of different activities.

9 Parent Teacher Association.jpg


Aim and Objectives:

  • To encourage the students for better performance and all round development.
  • To suggest and discuss academic and administrative pattern of the college.
  • To co-operative the students for their curricular and extra curricular activities.