SAMARTH BHARAT ABHIYAN : Co-ordinator- Prof. K.R. Mane, Vice Principal

v The college runs 'Samarth Bharat Abhiyan' in collaboration of the University

of Pune.

v The main objective of this activity is to create welfare awareness among the villagers & to

develop the an adopted village in every manner.

v Under this Abhiyan the college organizes different programmes like tree-plantation, cleanliness

camp, medical health check up and gramsabhas in adopted village.

v So far near about 1500 trees have been planted in Samangaon which is adopted village of the college.

v Samangaon an adopted village of the college has been honored with

‘Nirmalgram Puraskar’ in 2008 by the Central Government

ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS : Co-ordinator- Dr. Sherkhane U.D.

v The college runs 'Environment Awareness' activity with the financial assistance from Ministry of

Forest and Environment and BAIF, Pune to create awareness about environmental problems

among the students, teacher, youth , women etc.

v With this aim the college organizes seminars, workshops, rallies, elocutions, debate, essay

writing competitions, slow gun competitions based on the Environmental awareness topics.

v The college also organizes tree–plantation & tree- protection camps in the college & college


v The college has been organizing ‘Environmental Awareness Campaign’ in various villages of

Shevgaon Tahsil for last 10 years.

EXTRAMURAL EDUCATION CENTER : Co-ordinator- Prof.R.G. Vaidya The college runs the Extramural Education Center with the financial assistance of University of


v The center aims acquainting the students with new social problems introducing innovations &

scientific ideas & creating awareness of physical & man-made problems

v The center organizes lecture-series of experts from different fields. Advanced facilities such as

audio-visual aids, LCD, computer, internet etc. are used to enhance the interest among the students.


v The college runs 'Soft Skills Development Programme' in collaboration with University of Pune

as apart of personality development of students.

v The main objective of this programme is to develop positive attitude among students. It also

aims developing the confidence of the students for self-presentation & facing interviews

v As a part of this activity ten-days training programme was arranged for Arts, Commerce &

Science faculty students.

v The facility of linguaphone is provided for improving the pronunciation of students.

Yashawantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Study Center :

Co-ordinator- Prof Mafiz Enamdar

v The college runs Y.C.M.O.U. study center to provide an opportunity of higher education to external


v This program having regular coaching classes for the students of F.Y./S.Y./T.Y. B.A./

admitted in Y.C.M.O.U.

v Y.C.M.O.U. center provides study material to these students.

v The achievement of this academic program is Miss.Bharati Ambadas Kakade & Miss Manisha

Eknath Londhe stood first and second respectively among ladies in state Maharashtra at the

Examination of B.A. conducted by Y.C.M.O.U. in May 2008.


Co-ordinator- Prof. G.G. Kshirsagar

v The College organizes a free 'Medical Cheek-up Camp& Health Practices' for first year

undergraduate students every year in collaboration with University of Pune.

v The objective of this camp is to locate the physical deficiencies of the students. It also helps in

proper medical advice for good health & financial assistance for medical treatment to poor


v The camp proves helpful in creating health awareness among the students.

v As a part of this activity free medical check-up, Hemoglobin check-up (special camp

for girls), blood–donation camp & lectures by medical practitioners are organized.

· NIRBHAY KANYA ABHIYAN : Co-ordinator- Prof. Smt. C. K. Bhalshankar

The college runs 'Nirbhay Kenya Abhiyan' for the girl students in collaboration with University of Pune with the objectives of developing courage, confidence and protective skills (marshal art) among the girls. Girls are provided with an opportunity of training in marshal art, yoga & health care under the guidance of professional trainers & practitioners of the related field. As a part of this activity a three-days, residential camp was organized for the girl students of seven different colleges. During this camp, girls were trained in marshal art & self-defense skill

EARN AND LEARN SCHEME : Co-ordinator- Prof. G.G.Kshirsagar

The College runs the 'Earn and Learn Scheme' in collaboration with the University of Pune for economically backward students. The scheme aim’s providing students earn while learning and an opportunity to become financially self–dependent. It helps them to inculcate dignity of labor. The students enrolled under this scheme, are allotted with different types of work like gardening, assisting in laboratory, office, gymkhana etc.

VIDYARTHINI VYAKTIMATWA VIKAS YOJANA : Co-ordinator- Prof. Smt. C.K. Bhalshankar.

v The college runs the activity named 'Vidyarthini Vyaktimatwa Vikas Yojana' in college in

collaboration with University of Pune for the girl students of the college

v The main objective of this activity is to create an awareness of the social status &

rights of women & also to enhance the confidence of girls by providing them a platform  for

debates    elocution , group discussions etc.

v Consequently, number of girls have become confident & have started participating in various competitions actively.



The college runs special guidance classes for competitive Examinations in collaboration with University of Pune for the students of the college. The activity aims creating awareness about various competitive examinations among the students by regular coaching. Experts of various subjects guide students to prepare themselves according to the prescribed syllabi of MPSC, UPSC etc.

· GYMKHANA : Physical Director - Prof. D.M. Lokhande

The Department of Gymkhana of the college makes the student aware of the importance of health & physical fitness. Various sports activities & events are organized to give proper training to the students. Students participate in sport events organized at different places at different levels.

1. Shri. Ghuge Ankush Shivnath has won a Gold Medal at the inter collegiate cross- country in 2008 at University level

2. Shri. Bhosale Yuvraj Panditrao has won a Gold Medal at the inter collegiate wrestling in 2008 at University level.

· NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME : N.S.S. Programme Officer - Prof. P.R. Kunde, Prof S.N.Mire ,Prof Smt A.S.Adhav

The college runs a 'National Service Scheme' in collaboration with University of Pune. The scheme aims creating social awareness among the students & also make students enable to understand social responsibility. It proves helpful to develop social personality of the students. As a part of this scheme, college organizes special winter camps, cleanliness campaign & rallies with various social purposes.