Knowledge Resource Centre (College Library)

Name - Minakshi Rajaram Chakre
Designation - Librarian


1. Personal Information
Date of Birth - 10 march 1986
Address - Ganesh Nagar, Kalyan Road, Ahmednagar.
Email -
Mobile No. - 9850639255

2. Educational Qualification

Sr. No. Degree University / Board Year of Passing
1. B.A. SRTMU, Nanded University 2007
2. B.Lib.ISc. SRTMU, Nanded University 2008
3. M.Lib.I.Sc. SPPU, Pune University 2010
4. NET UGC 2010

Other Qualification
2. MS. Office

3. Experience
1. Six year experience as a college librarian.

4. Research
1. Mooc's Educational Programme.
2. Information Literacy.
3. E-Resources
4. Library Consortia: an overview.
5. संशोधन आणि संशोधनाचे प्रकार.
6. Institutional Repository.
7. Ethics and Value of Librarianship.

Library Aim

To provide reading material as per syllabi, academic support and services for faculty and student in all program.

Promote access to book & journals, facilities and services required by student and teacher for the successful pursuit of academic programs and research activities.

To give timely and quality services and information to students and teachers.

To avail text book, reference book and other reading material as per syllabi and requirement of students and teacher.
To assist the students and teachers in upgrading their knowledge in making proper use of library resources.

1) Reprography Service
2) Referral Service
3) Current Awareness Service (New arrivals)
4) Newspaper clipping service
5) Internet Service
6) Smart Card (Jayakar library Membership, SPPU, Pune)
7) Access to e-book and e-journals under N-List program.
8) Inter library loan
9) Book lending
10) Reading Room
11) Reference Service
12) Open access

Library Rules
1) Every Student should bring along with him/her own I-Card in the library.
2) Every Student should check the book when issued, after issuing all the responsibility of the book will be on the student.
3) Library book will be issued on 7 day's for student & 15 day's for staff.
4) Book must be return the on due date. Late fee will be charged at Rs.1/- per day.
5) Book will be renewed only one time in a week.
6) If the book is lost, torn or damage one and half price of the book will be returned with the late fee from her/ him.
7) All the books of library must be returned before annual examination.
8) Book-bank facility is available for economically backward students and scholar students. Student must keep silent in the library and reading hall.
9) Periodical, reference books are not allowed to be taken at home.
10) Internet facility is available for the student at technical center.
11) Duplicate I-card will be issued at an extra charge of Rs-100/-.
12) CD will be made available as per student's demand.

About Library
Library was started right from the inception of the college i.e. 1978. From the same year all students have been given open access to book so that they can see, read and then issue the book for home reading. Student can also issue separate book & magazine for reading in the reading hall as a reference service. Library has separate building. Two separate reading hall for girls and boys students. Each reading hall seating capacity is 60 students, 120 students can seat reading hall every day. All library functions have been partially automated with SOUL 2.0 library management software developed by INFLIBNET. The college has Jayakar library membership also registered under N-list program for e-resources having 31, 35,000+ e-book & 6000+ e- journals.

Best Practice
1) Book Exhibition
2) Book Display
3) Display New arrivals
4) I Card generation
5) Library Orientation Programme
6) Newspaper clipping
7) Open access
8) Vadhdivas tumcha anand sarvancha
9) Library Visit

Library Timing
Monday to Friday 09.00 am to 05.00 pm
Saturday 09.00 am to 2.30 pm